1000 Faces of Colchester – Target Reached

1000 Faces of Colchester - Target Reached

1000 Faces of Colchester – Target Reached

The target has been reached for the ’1000 faces of Colchester’ project. Now the target has been reached Kerseys Solicitors will be donating £1,000 to The Tom Bowdidge Foundation.

I started my journey on this project 15 months ago at Colchester United’s football ground, it has been a long journey where I have met some incredible people. I feel like I’ve grown close to the foundation especially Tom’s parents who do an amazing job of raising awareness for and running The Tom Bowdidge Foundation. Seeing so many people willing to help was always very encouraging. The ’1000 faces of Colchester’ has taken me through many emotions and I am pleased to see the coverage it has received, raising awareness for a charity that helps young people with cancer.

The next step is to get the project printed (as in the photograph but with the full 1000 people) and exhibited to show how the community of Colchester have helped bring awareness to and raise over £1000.00 for the Foundation, £1000.00 from Kerseys Solicitors and donations at events.

Thank you all so much for taking part and those who have helped in promoting the project, I look forward to getting the final piece on show for all to see.