When you have a studio...

When you have a studio…

Recently it was my parents 4oth wedding anniversary and my sister decided it would be a good idea if we got some photographs taken for them. I’ve been asking my sister for years to come in and have some photographs taken but she has always been totally against it (she has never liked having her […]

Finding Your Ideal Wedding Photographer

Finding Your Ideal Wedding Photographer

It’s that time of year, Christmas and New Year have just passed and like every year there are lots of marriage proposals happening over this holiday period. ¬†Undoubtedly you’ve started to make your wedding plans and one of the big things that needs to be found is your wedding photographer. Without trying to sound too […]

Professional Head Shots

Professional Head Shots

Take a look at your head shot, is it a grainy image against a wall that a friend has taken for you? How does it compare to others on websites such as Linkedin? Does it stand out from the crowd? Think about it from the perspective of a potential employer or client, it is said […]

1000 Faces of Colchester - Target Reached

1000 Faces of Colchester – Target Reached

The target has been reached for the ‘1000 faces of Colchester’ project. Now the target has been reached Kerseys Solicitors will be donating ¬£1,000 to The Tom Bowdidge Foundation. I started my journey on this project 15 months ago at Colchester United’s football ground, it has been a long journey where I have met some […]

Ipswich Colour Dash - EACH

Ipswich Colour Dash – EACH

I decided to take it easy today and have a relaxing morning, I woke up and had a flick through Facebook to see what was going on in the world while I was stretched out in bed with a cup of tea. I noticed that the Ipswich Colour Dash was going on supporting EACH, I […]