1000 Faces Project

This is a public project I recently completed in Ipswich. The 1000 Faces project was a journey through 6 months of photographing 1000 portraits in Ipswich.
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Photographing mayonnaise was something that hadn’t ever crossed my mind, the variation of photography though is something that makes it very appealing to me. The company had created three new mayonnaises and needed some high resolution photography for the events that they attend. I’m pleased to say it tasted as good as it looked

Creating a calendar for a mobile communications company involved recreating this well know film, I’m sure many of you will recognise the film recreated here, it has two links to communications which is why it was to be put into the calendar alongside a history of other big steps in communications. The shoot spanned two days, based in Ipswich, Suffolk followed by a trip to Newcastle.

Although this wasn’t the orignal Captain America Chopper, it was still quite an example to have in the studio. It was completely handcrafted and the owner had said that there was always little bits to change or modify. I coujld have photographed this Chopper for hours and found more and more little details to capture. The chrome really picked up the light beautifully.

15 week baby . .